Minecraft Tree Bomb Trap





Introduction: Minecraft Tree Bomb Trap

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This is a Tree bomb trap i created, and its pretty simple!

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

Get what you see in the pictures.

Step 2: Step 2: Assembly

Really, its that easy. Then your Done!

Step 3: Boom Time!

Just to show you, I used myself as a test rat. PLEASE COMMENT!!!



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    8 Discussions

    It's dark, I can't see the photos.

    Used it on my Enemy , hell He flew a Couple feet before turning to Steam...Cooking Trap?(I ainy a good spec op in MC , But I can use the missile to distract him and get in..) For a Cooking trap you may need a Redstone torch, Some Explosoves , A cooking top and Redstone and Redstone dust..Or maybe a Lever instead of Redstone

    1 reply

    I was thinking if he used a furnace, then he go boom.

    I like it but , still think of you being Killed while Digging , sleeping or Cutting?Heh or maybe falling to your own trap

    1 reply

    digging, sleeping, and cooking traps. . . I'll make some of those

    Please no more Booby Trapping , Otherwise there will be a day when You cant even Walk.. Or till Mine Resistant Vehicles are given or a Mine clearer.. : (

    2 replies

    oh, do you mean the many holes in the top picture? Haha!