Minecraft Tutorial Quickie #2 - Tiny Ocean Liner!

About: I am an 8th grade bloke that got into Instructables. I am basically here to show you how to make stuff :-D

Hello, my name is AssassinzSinpZ and today I am finally back after my long absence with a new Minecraft Quickie - a tiny RMS Empress of Russia. Hope you enjoy, and leave a comment and a like. Thanks for reading!

Step 1: Under Hull/Belly

This step is quite simple, you just lay a 12 block long red stained clay line 1 block underwater. You then add 9 blocks to the sides accordingly.

Step 2: Over Water Hull

This step is also very easy, you just add black stained clay on top of the red stained clay accoordingly.

Step 3: Superstructure

This step requires a lot of quartz and is very intricate, but it is very easy if you follow the pictures.

Step 4: Bridge, Funnels, and Deck Details

This step is probably the easiest one, you just add a quartz slab in the middle on top of the 3 quartz stairs in front. You also add 3 cobblestone walls divided by one block, and another quartz slab behind the third cobblestone wall.

Step 5: Aannnd... You're Done!

You have completed this small and easy tutorial, good job! Please leave a like and a comment, and follow me for more!

Peace out, told you it would be quick.



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    3 years ago

    Just for the lols, made a white version. (Don't mind the 2 funnel liner in the background)

    1 reply

    Lol you are like the first person online to understand. XDDD Everyone else is like "WHAT DI HECK YO DON'T PLAY MINECRAFF???" XDDD I'm like "Chill! Soon, hopefully soon."