Minecraft Upside Down Animals Mini Instructables

Introduction: Minecraft Upside Down Animals Mini Instructables

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I really hate it when Horses get into my shots when i'm doing a Minecraft Instructables. Times for revenge. Even If the animal that gets on your nerves isn't a horse this Instructable still works. This Trick Works For as far as i can tell 1.7.2 and Up. For this instructables you will need

1 Anvil

A victim

1 Name Tag

And a few EXP levles

(P.S I'm Not sure if this Trick works with other mods, although i do believe that it works with creatures from the Twilight Forest Mod)

Step 1: Anvil

In the Anvil menu Place the name tag in the slot on the far left, then type in the tan box next to the Dinnerbone. When i used my Name tag in the anvil i used 5 levels so you should make sure you have enough levels before doing this.


Right Click with the Name tag on the animal you want to curse..er i mean Prank. And there you have it. this is a game mechanic built naturally into the game(hehe DAT Notches sense of Humor) so o mods are required to do this. although this wont work on players(aww Notch why couldn't you do it all the way) it would make a great April fools prank if your friend comes onto his server too find all his Livestock upside down). And as always If you have a question or two you would like answered send me a letter or Post a comment(I LOVE it when You great guys give me feedback on My Projects). Until Next Time Minecraft Fans

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    I knew that you can also name it grumm