Minecraft Watch Tower

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Hey crafters, anyone who likes building medieval world will like this 'ible. A watch tower is a quick and good addition to any midieval or castle world. Somebody has to be notified when mobs or barbarians are coming.

Also I will soon add a instuctable for a fire beacon.

Step 1: Find a Place

This is easy find a place on a hill or mountain any place high up, it should be a reasonable distance from
your fortress or castle.

Step 2: Mine

Mine away dirt and stone till you have a reasonably flat area.

Step 3: Lay

Now lay a out line it should be four, three block long sides, separated by one block. Fill in any holes.

Step 4: Door Way

Now make a door way on one side. And stairs leading down.

Step 5: Walls

Make walls on the outline, mine are 11 blocks high.

Step 6: Dig and Fill

Now dig out the floor and fill it back.

Step 7: Top It Off

Now add the the top one block out, follow the pictures.

Step 8: Bottom Floor

Now go to the bottom of the tower count up 4 blocks and make a floor layer. Then lay a bed and chest.
Next go to the back and mine a floor block, and lay out a ladder.

Step 9: Spiraling

Now make a spiral stair up to the top, lay a stair then a block turn repeat. Keep going, when you get to the top lay the top floor out. Then make the middle pillar.

Step 10: Door

Just and a door and window slits and ur good.

Step 11: Thats It

See easy and fast, so make lots of these to guard your lands against the enemies. Beacon coming soon.



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