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Everyone loves minecraft wolves. But there's so much to know about them! Read on to know every thing!

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Step 1: Location

Minecraft wolves live in tiagra biomes. Tiagra biomes have dark green grass and spruce trees. They spawn in packs of usually four.

Step 2: Taming

To tame a wolf, baby or adult, grab a bone and hold it on the wolf. Press the tame button. You may need more than one bone. Black smoke should rise from the wolf while taming, and hearts should come the wolf when done taming. The wolf should be wearing a red collar. It should be in a sitting position. You can not tame a 'angry' wolf.

Step 3: Angry Wolves

Mu tend to call this wolf form 'angries'. This happens when you hit a wolf. It should get red eyes and look scruffy. It will try kill you. They can run as fast as you. Nearby wolves will also become angry.

Step 4: Fighting

A tame wolf will fight mobs for you. Mainly mobs that attack you, not animals. If a mob starts attacking you, the wolf will attack it. If you attack a mob, the wolf will attack it. Wolves are quite powerful.

Step 5: Healing

A wolf will lose life if it's attacked. You can tell how healthy it is by tail position. A healthy wolf will have it's tail right up in the air, and an unhealthy one will have it's tail low and whimper. To heal them, select any raw meat and hold down on the wolf or press the feed icon. It's tail should go up as you feed it.

Step 6: 'Sit' and 'Stand'

Their are two positions a tame wolf will go in. 'Sit' and 'Stand'. To make a wolf stand, press the wolf or the stand icon. Standing wolves will follow you. To make a wolf sit, press the sit icon and it will sit . They cant follow you when sitting.

Step 7: Thanks!

Thanks for reading my guide. Please comment!

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10 Discussions


1 year ago

Sadly... wolves can drown! My wolf kept trying to follow me into a spot where the water went under the ground and couldn't find it's way back.


2 years ago

I tamed a wolf


Reply 3 years ago

they can be changed with name tags


5 years ago

Sorry, I didn't say how to breed tame wolves

They have to be on full life

Feed your wolf meat until it makes hearts

Do that to another tame wolf

Make them stand

They will have a baby

The baby will be on low life so feed it

Baby wolves act the same as adults, but they cant swim


5 years ago