Minecraft Wood House




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Step 1: The Base Plan

For the main base i have used simple oak planks

Step 2: Jungle Wood

For the next layer i have coated it with some jungle wood

Step 3: The Top Layer

This is the top layer made out of birch wood

Step 4: Slabs

I have put slabs all over the top of the birch so it looks appealing

Step 5: The Front

At the front i have put in doors in the 4 block space and then inbeetween i have put a 2 block high oak planks ready for a painting and put slabs in

Step 6: The Top

At the top i have just pit a few more slabs but you can put them in while your doing the roof

Step 7: Paintings

Here i am putting in the
Paintings to make it look decorative

Step 8: Carpet

I am putting down brown carpet to fit in with the wood theme

Step 9: Workfaces

Here i am using carpet attached to the jungle wood i use the as workfaces

Step 10: Interior

Here i am putting in the crafting tables chests and furnaces

Step 11: The Front Decor

At the front i have put a painting and three tall blocks of birch wood on either side of the house

Step 12: BLOW IT UP!!!!!



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    5 years ago

    Cos its in creative cant do anything with it i blow most of my houses up anyway