Minecraft Wooden Warrior




Introduction: Minecraft Wooden Warrior

In keeping with the Minecraft aesthetic, we created an action figurine for our nephew with non-rounded joints to keep the blocky presentation it is known for in the game.

Maker Suggestion: This design has the potential to be scaled smaller or larger depending on material and tool availability. However, the drill press was invaluable, whereas most of the other tools could be substituted. You, the maker, can carry on the ingenuity within this project in that the mechanisms created can be recreated in a myriad of other ways depending on the materials available. So, don’t limit yourself to our specific list of components.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


2 – 2” x 2” x 36” Square Dowel Rods

1 - ¼” Round Dowel Rod

12 – ¼” x 1 ¼” Dowel Rod

1 – ¾” Dowel Rod

1 – ¼” Craft Plywood

1 – ½” PVC Pipe

2 – ½” NPT to ½” Hose Barb

4 – ½” Hose Barb Plug

4 – 15/32” x 1 1/8” Spring

1 – 2” Wood Ball

1 – ¼” x 2” Hanger Bolt

1 – ¼’ Pronged Tee Nut

12 - #6 x ¾” Flat Head Screws

Plastic Epoxy


Bench Top Drill

Drill Vise

Miter Saw

Combination Sander

Hand Drill

Rotary Tool with Wood Carving Bits

Scroll Saw

Paddle Bit Set

Adjustable Paddle Bit

Hole Saw Set

Drill Bit Set

Router Bit Set

Countersink Tool

Hand Clamp Set

Caliper (for measuring)


Philip Screwdriver

Flat Head Screwdriver


Adjustable Wrench

Vise Grip

Step 2: General AutoCAD Layout

See "Minecraft Wooden Warrior" pdf.

Step 3: ​Making of the Shoulder and Leg Joints

1. Cut and assemble components as shown using Epoxy

2. Drill and cut out slot for 1/4" dowel rod to slide back and forth

3. Drill through the assembly with a ½” drill bit to the inside surface of the plug to allow clearance for the spring to drop in

Step 4: ​Making of the Body Sections

1. Set up block on drill vise (for two blocks)

- Drill with the hole saw to make a recess cut for the shoulder cap

- Drill with paddle bit for the shoulder joint socket

- Drill with smaller paddle bit for the stabilizing dowel rod, making sure the tip of the bit goes through the other side of the block

- Drill holes for dowel pins to join two sections together

2. Make shoulder caps (for each arm)

-Create template for shoulder cap by drilling an 1/8” deep circle with the same size hole saw as used on the block for body in the ¼” craft plywood

-Drill with paddle bit for the PVC pipe to slide through

- Cut out shoulder cap and sand to fit in pocket

- Drill and countersink pilot holes for flat head screws between the shoulder cap and the body section

Step 5: Making of the Arms

(for two blocks)

1. Drill with paddle bit to create pocket for shoulder joint plug to fit, finish depth with router bit to create a flat bottom

2. Tilt drill press table to chamfer the hole creating an elongated slot to allow shoulder joint to pivot

3. Chamfer the shoulder point pug

4. Drill for the dowel rod to create pivoting motion

Step 6: ​Making of the Legs

(for two blocks)

1. Drill with paddle bit to create pocket for leg joint plug to fit

2. Tilt drill press table to chamfer the hole creating an elongated slot to allow leg joint to pivot

3. Chamfer the shoulder point pug

4. Drill for the dowel rod to create pivoting motion

Step 7: ​Making of the Head

1. Cut four equal length pieces of the 2” square dowel rod, drill holes for ¼” dowel pins to join, glue four pieces together

2. Drill with hole saw to create recess for neck cap

3. Use adjustable paddle bit to create pocket for the 2” wood ball

4. Make neck cap similar to shoulder caps and fit to the block for the head

5. Drill out 2” wood ball for the hanger bolt

6. Cut a short piece of PVC pipe for the neck

7. After joining the body sections drill in the center of body assembly to install the T Nut and give clearance for the hanger bolt to screw through it

Step 8: ​Assembling the Shoulder and Leg Joints

1. Insert spring into shoulder and leg joint assemblies and compress spring to insert a shortened dowel pin that is no longer than PVC pipe width

2. For shoulder joint, insert assembly into body section and screw shoulder cap onto the body section

3. For leg joint, insert single hole side of assembly into body section securing with a dowel pin

Step 9: ​Assembling the Arms and Legs

1. Fit arm over the shoulder joint and align hole for full dowel pin with shortened dowel pin holding the spring; drive the full dowel pin through, pushing the shorter pin out

2. Do same operation for fitting leg over leg joint

Step 10: ​Assembling the Head

1. Screw hanger bolt into the 2” wood ball

2. Drive in T nut in the body section; set neck cap and PVC neck piece over the T nut

3. Screw the wood ball into the T nut

4. Set head block over the head ball; screw neck cap into head block

Step 11: ​Future Mods

- Give to nephew to paint

- Make accessories like pick axe, bow, sword, shield, ect.

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    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Fun design. Do you have any plans for painting it?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I'm going to let my nephew decide how he wants to paint it. Im sure he'll want some weapons and armor too, but that will be easy to make and add later. Thanks!


    2 years ago

    AAAAAHHHHHH I LOVE IT! And I also have four nephews and a partner that would love to have one of these. Definitely faovriting to make later! :D