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Introduction: Minecraft World Cake

Here is a minecraft world cake I put together.  Really quite easy and very popular!  We went out for laser tag for my son't birthday and several people came up to take pictures of the cake!

I made a double batch of chocolate cake (I only make cakes from scratch, I use the Betty Crocker Best Chocolate Cake recipe)

I baked this in a 1/4 sheet cake pan.

I then cut out hunks of cake and assembled them on a Simple Additions large platter from Pampered Chef.  The plate measures 15 inches square to give you an idea how big the cake was.

Underneath and in between layers, I put a thin layer of chocolate filling to keep the layers from shifting.  Then I put a flat layer of green frosting on the top of each section.  The recipe I use is 1/2 cup shortening, 1/2 cup butter, 1 Tbsp vanilla, 1/2 Tbsp meringue powder, 4 cups powdered sugar and approximately 2 Tbsp milk to thin.

I thinly sliced rice krispie treats to create the beach.  I used a sharpie to draw the squid directly on the plate, then covered the water area with blue gel icing.

The trees are make of cut up rice krispie treats.  I then mixed food coloring, 1 Tbsp corn syrup and 1 Tbsp water to make a paint for the trees.  I'd let this dry at least a day before using, as it was a little gooey.  Otherwise, dry them with a hairdryer.  The tree trunks are kit kat bars.  I inserted toothpicks at each end to attach the tree top and to stabilize in the cake.

Steve, the Creeper and the pig came from http://www.fps-x-games.com/2012/04/minecraft-mob-printable-cut-out.html  However, the creeper is bigger than Steve, so you may want to google minecraft papercraft to find a different set.

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Nice cake!


2 years ago

When I made this (I'll post pictures later), I actually made 2 different batches of rice Krispies. For the beach, I cut the recipe by 1/3. I then did a full recipe and added the food coloring to the marshmallows while melting them. It worked amazingly well and then I made Creeper Krispies with the excess. I used a lot of food coloring. About 12 drops blue and double that in yellow. Otherwise, it's more of a turquoise color.

Wow, what a creative cake idea, nice one. The site fps-x-games.com has loads of Minecraft themed party ideas. http://www.fps-x-games.com/search/?q=party

Great cake idea! I play baseball lol <3 it!

cool! this would be a good cake for my brother!

Awesome!! Love the tutorial! Genius, lady :-) www.sweetcelebrations.us #sugardome #adragonstale xLaurieClarkex on Pinterest :-)

Thanks, love that someone used my Instructable. Can you post a picture? I have a request for another one and would love to see yours!

Very good idea just made cake modified it a little but awesome thanks for the tips definitely recommend A++++

That is awesome. I know what cake my son is getting for his birthday this year.

Great cake, I like the attention to detail by including the squid.

I completely forgot the candles. I got the idea for this cake from this one, and she had candles that looked like torches...so cool. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2010/10/28/self-indulgent-birthday-minecraft-cake-post/