Minecraft World Transfer From PC to PC

This minecraft world transfer tutorial will help you save a back up world, so if your world gets deleted... somehow... you won't panic. You will also be able to send the world to your friends to play or just get the same world on a different computer.

  • The copied world has the same...
  • seed
  • buildings, villages, strongholds, etc.
  • the same items
  • same every thing

!>The copied world is not linked to the original so you will have to copy it again if you make changes to the original

Step 1: Create a World

First, you will need to make a minecraft world to save.

  • start up minecraft
  • create a new world (any type of world will work)
  • and your done... with this step

Step 2: App Data

Go to your app data.

  • click on your files icon
  • click on the "desktop" icon (to the left in "files")
  • type "%appdata%" in the search bar
  • then click search or press enter

Step 3: Minecraft Folder

Click on your minecraft folder.

  • hover over ".minecraft"
  • then click on it

Step 4: Saves

Go into your MC worlds folder.

  • hover over "saves"
  • then click on it

Step 5: Saving...

Save your MC world.

  • hover over the world you want to save
  • right click
  • press copy

Step 6: Saving...

Paste in your world.

  • open your USB, Flash drive, or sd card, etc.
  • right click
  • click paste
  • now you have and exact copy of your MC world

Step 7: Adding...

Add your MC world to your saves.

  • open your device that you saved the world on
  • copy the world
  • paste the world in your saves, in your MC folder



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    2 years ago

    Good beginner info!