Minecraft Auto-harvest Wheat Farm




Introduction: Minecraft Auto-harvest Wheat Farm

I'm a homeschooled teen with too much time on my hands. I have two dogs (tweedle dumb and tweedle...

hey people! its time to build a wheat farm! this is my first 'ible so enjoy!

Step 1: Eradicate Chickens

make sure you have no chickens in the area. this is a crucial step DO NOT SKIP!

Step 2: Build a Platform

build a 6x7 dirt platform and one more with 3 blocks in between

Step 3: Build Walls

build a wall around your platform with 2 blocks high on the side with a trench around the dirt on 3 sides, repeat on other side

Step 4: Fill Trenches

add water to the trenches on both sides

Step 5: Cover Water

cover the water the length of the trenches

Step 6: Build Contraption

build up the center, between the two dirt platforms. place 1x2 block high rise in the center. place pistons on both sides facing in. place wall along the edge. build a 3x4 rectangle above the pistons with a hollow center

Step 7: Place a Block

place a block behind and below the pistons

Step 8: Fire Up Contraption

place a redstone repeater behind the pistons facing the piston, lay down a redstone dust line along the edge of the wall, above the dirt and bring it down to the front and place a lever.

Step 9: Pull the Lever

PULL THE LEVER!!! pull it to make sure that you have the redstone circuitry in check, the pistons should close together like in the pic. put some water into the hollow rectangle above the pistons (while they are closed)

Step 10: Till the Soil

till the soil! it now should be watering the soil (the water in the trenches next to the dirt)plant your crops and wait

Step 11: Planting Time!

plant your crops. potatos, carrots and wheat will work in this contraption and............. wait........(5 days later) you crop should be grown by now so...

Step 12: Harvest!

PULL THE LEVER!!!! pull it... just do it.... you know you want to... when you pull the lever the water will come down and harvest the crop! sometimes it may miss the corners so what you want to do is place 2 blocks in front of the waterflow like in the pic. and the water should flow all the way to the end!

Step 13: Replant

replant. repeat. replant. repeat. ect. ect. ect.

Step 14:

note: i did this on creative so i could show you better but it works just as well on survival. you do NOT have to re-till the soil after the water flows through it. questions and comments appreciated! but be nice this is my first 'ible

have fun and keep crafting!!



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    16 Discussions

    thanks this is helpful and im doing this as a school project

    Can you make more minecraft redstone creations. This one really helped getting food supply.

    now in 1.8 or newer you can use villagers :)

    That....would be...EPIC! And you could redesign it a little and have dispensers and hoppers so it would be totally automatic and self sustaining by sorting the wheat from the seeds and taking them to the dispensers via hoppers! :0 we need to find a way to build this! You have opened up so many possibilities!

    You could simply automate this using a redstone system with a lot of redstone repeaters, calculating when the crops will be all growen and than putting dispensers at the end to collect the crops.

    Cool Jesse, I will do this!

    Did you also know that you don't need water and tilled soil to plant flowers? You can plant them on regular untilled dirt/grass blocks. You only need water and tilled soil for growing wheat, potatoes and carrots! If you have any questions (and I'm not trying to sound smart) feel free to ask me! I've been playing a long time and know quite a bit about minecraft.

    Chicken jockeys are baby zombies (baby zombies... What will the think of next?!) riding chickens. Like a spider jockey except... With chickens and baby zombies instead of skeletons and spiders! :)

    No I haven't what are they? (Chicken jockey)

    Amazing going to build this on a factions server :)

    Hey there is still chickens

    this is a good idea

    Does anyone notice that I say to "eradicate all chickens" but there are 2 pics that have chickens in them after step 1?

    What texture pack?