Minecraft Bunker


Here will will understand how to make a bunker immune to wither / enderdragon / creeper attacks , immune to tnt cannons and almost immune to player attacks . You can make it without windows or the "lava coat" function so it would become FULLY immune to explosions but thats not recommended . You need windows to see whats happening outside .

(for the exterior) You need :

Obsidian (2-3 stacks)

Cobblestone (3-4 stacks)

Water bucket (as many as possible)

Dispenser (optional)

Iron bars (optional)

Gravel/sand (optional)

blocks for camouflage (optional)

Dispenser for lava coat , iron bars for "cool" window but you can use signs or whatever to stop water and lava .

Gravel and sand is used to make it Anti-player , because of the falling properties it gets so annoying .

Blocks for camouflage is a nice option so other players wouldn't FIND it !

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Step 1: The Base

The first layer is going to be obsidian , you CAN put it as the last but then you'll need more obsidian !

first make a room with obsidian with a empty spots for doors and windows . I do not recommend a trapdoor on the top for some reasons .

Do not make any roof in this step .

Then add an O shaped obsidian to where the door is .

I prefer to make the edges out of cobblestone . Now put the iron bars in the window ! (picture)

Now add another O shaped cobblestone around the windows . This will stop water to cover your windows . If it does , it will make the bunker much safer but then you'll have to look through water :D

Now this is optional . make a hole in the middle of the bunker with a trapdoor . It can lead to a tunnel that takes you somewhere else . This will help you escape if other players get in or the bunker breaks (it eventually will) or just the windows break and spiders can get in . Now I will not add that .

Step 2: Second and Third Layers

Wither blue skull has a rule , that all blocks but bedrock have only blast resistance of 4 against it . Because of this , it can break obsidian ! now we will use water and cobblestone layers to make it anti-wither !!!

First , add the cobblestone layer (like the picture)

Then fill the gap with water (like the picture)

Now cover the cobblestone layer , water layer AND the obsidian layer with cobblestone and a after that place a line of obsidian .

Next , add another line of obsidian , then on the second line , place dispensers and obsidian , then put obsidian ON the dispensers . (picture)

Now just complete the roof !

Step 3: Extra

Now you can add a layer of sand or gravel , but you have to cover your window .

You can also use blocks similar to its surroundings to make it camouflage .

Step 4: Interior

Use glowstone as a nice lighting system , levers for the dispensers (dont forget to put lava in them) . I recommend to make a little farm in the bunker and put basic survival stuff !

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    you could also put it under ground with a tunnel leading out


    5 years ago

    Hi , I made it on single player . The version on this instructable can be found but if you put more blocks around it it will look like a hill . The door is still obvious which can be solved with covering it with blocks or making a hidden door .
    If online servers would have protection (ore/code) then there is no need to hide it .
    Even if it would be sieged by TNT cannons , it will lose the "cobblestone layer" but TNT cannot destroy water nor obsidian so it would still be safe . You can also add an extra layer of water on it , so TNT wouldn't even break the cobblestone layer .