Minecraft Jeb Floor

Introduction: Minecraft Jeb Floor

Here is my creation, a vertical jeb door, or a jeb floor, i know a lot of you minecrafters have seen the minecraft wiki but never saw a jeb floor so i decided to give it to you, a jeb floor, perfect for traps or secret entrances; same functions as a jeb door just in the floor.

Step 1: Pictures

i was not planning on making an instructable on this when i made it so these are not instruction pictures just a base model to help with the creation but they are very thorough because they were taken so i can remake the jeb floor at a later time when i need to but here are the pictures so you can recreate it

Step 2: Enjoy and Customize

Now you just need to enjoy customizing your trap or entrance and make it ready to secretly trap entities or make a secret base entrance also the zip here is just so you can easily download all the pictures at once if you want

END NOTE: i am sorry this was not to good of an instructable but this was my first one and i was trying to show people my jeb floor so that you all could have more fun in minecraft.



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    4 Discussions

    People don't usually download .zip files just to view pictures for fear of a virus. is there some other way you could post pictures instead?

    2 replies

    Ok jlepack i fixed it, thanks for telling me that info and i hope this works now because i really want everybody to be able to have a jeb floor because jeb doors are too obvious since it requires a really tall wall to make while the jeb floor can be covered up easily and can go under a large floor or even just a grass ground making it the ultimate entrance

    well i could later but thank you jlepack, i normally download zips for pictures a lot though because all a zip is is a compressed file and if they have avast it will warn them if it is a virus, trust me i built my computer, and i am only 14 (or i will be in 16 days (jan 30) from when i posted this comment) but i will fix it when i can

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