Minecraft Simple House Upgrade

Introduction: Minecraft Simple House Upgrade


This is a guide to upgrade my previous instructables , "minecraft simple house" . In minecraft , you always want to have a bigger , better house . Or at least even if its small , it would have enough rooms for everything :

Library , Storage room , bedroom and kitchen . But a very first shelter doesn't have all these . So in this "upgrade" , we will transform the previous house into a bigger , better one !

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Step 1: Remove Any Windows or Other Decoration at the Back Part of the House and Make the Base

The base size is optional but it looks nice if you make it like the picture ! For a better house , also think of a "back door" and a nice door that opens to a little garden or a small pond or a pool or whatever !

Then , like the previous house , we'll just continue going up , placing windows and making walls to make different rooms !

I haven't designed a library yet , and I don't think it's important . We can upgrade the house once more to add a library but this is a beginner house ! It can be destroyed really easily !

But this time we should put a flat roof .I recommend 3 or 4 block-high rooms . So , after these steps , your house should be like the second photo (window shape doesn't matter)

Step 2: Completing the Roof

Now , add 2-3 blocks from the longer sides . Don't do this for all 4 sides , just the 2 longer ones . Then make it like the picture , so you can make the roof easier . Now is the time to put a 1x1 empty space and ladder it from inside the house as an entry of the attic !

Then , make the roof out of stairs like the previous house . you can make something like the second photo , if you want to make a bedroom in the attic !

Step 3: Interior !

This is up to you but here's some ideas . (pictures)

1- Entrance , just some decoration

2- Storage room , chests and furnaces , and maybe anvils and crafting tables , ender chests , almost anything !

3- main room : tables , chairs , a preferably large empty space (maybe to put tamed wolves or test a little redstone ?

4- attic : anything else ! You might put a trapdoor too . This can be your bedroom , and is better than other places because mobs cant get close enough to prevent you from sleeping . put everything here , because maybe your house would be overrun by mobs and you'd want to hide here , so place chests , crafting tables , anvils , ender chests , beds , and decorations !

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago

    Thanks :) the extension is 15x8 blocks and 9 blocks high (with roof)


    Reply 4 years ago

    how many blocks high without the roof added in


    5 years ago

    How big is the base of the extension.