Minecraft Simple House

Introduction: Minecraft Simple House

This house can be your very first house . It wont function later , because it has no place for enchantment table or lots of chests . It's made out of wood and hasn't got any fireplace or other decorations (such as tables or furniture or other creative awesome things )

You will need

Oak wood planks (at least 2-3 stacks)

Oak wood stairs (at least a stack )

Oak wood plank slabs (optional)

Fences (optional)

It doesn't matter what material you use , but oak goes best with fences and is more common than any other wood type .

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Step 1: Building the Base

It looks better if its higher than the normal ground level .

You can make it in any size , but I made a 11x5 . Using slabs will cost less wood and slabs don't get caught in flames

Then , place the walls . leave some empty space for a better look . place slabs outside the base as "long staircase" and some fences as a support for the roof .

Continue the shape , but don't forget about windows ! they're important to check if there are mobs nearby or not . I recommend windows on all sides . If your window is 1x1 , it doesn't matter if you don't place glass panes as only cave spiders and silverfish (AND arrows AND wither projectiles) can pass . However not placing glass makes a bad look :D

Step 2: Building the Roof

A flat roof might be easy but it looks very ugly . If its night , you can either make a little dirt shelter to survive and continue building , or go inside your house and put doors and windows . However spiders might come in , so be ready .

We use stairs as the roof . there is no attic , the part under the roof is no new level . As I'm in creative , I have the fly option . But in survival , you must make "nerd poles" (look down , jump , place a block , repeat) and get up .

You must place a block , then place stairs on it , then remove the block . You can keep placing blocks OR place the next stair on the side of the previous stair . Be careful about the directions so it's placed straight .

After all , it should look like the picture .

Step 3: Others

Then add glass panes as window . If you built this house in the nether (which is really bad because its flammable ,)

you must put glass BLOCKS so ghasts don't blow it up . However they can blow the house , so the window wouldn't matter .

You can make an attic by simply adding a flat roof which would be the attic's floor .

You can make a big storage underground and connect it to the house with ladders , same with a nice enchant room .

Thanks for reading .

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    2 years ago

    Whats in the background! of your photo


    4 years ago on Introduction

    hey can you show how you made the bottom of the house in greater detail?