Mini 3D Christmas Tree Craft



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Hi guys, you'll learn to make an easy mini 3D Christmas tree with seed beads and wires! Hope you'll love it! More tutorials from LC pandahall


Step 1: Supplies

0.5mm light orange brass wire

4mm green glass seed beads

4mm ivory glass pearl beads

Flat nose pliers

Wire cutter

Step 2: Make the Tree’s Top Layer

1st, pick a 50cm length of brass wire and string 4 green beads and 1 ivory pearl on;

2nd, back the wire through the green beads and tighten it;

3rd, secure beads by twining the wire ends around each other;

4th, string 3 green beads and 1 pearl on wire end and repeat above process;

5th, when finishing five 3-green-bead branches, twine the wire ends together;

6th, the 4-green-bead branch is the Christmas tree’s top, and the whole is the top layer.

Step 3: Make the Tree’s Middle Layer

1st, pick a 55cm length of brass wire and string 4 green beads and 1 pearl on;

2nd, refer to step 1 to make other branches, but be noticed that each branch in this layer consists of one pearl and 4-6 green beads;

3rd, finishing 7-8 branches, twine the wire ends together;

4th, make 3 such middle layers.

Step 4: Make the Bottom Layer

1st, pick another 55cm length of brass wire and string 10 green beads and 1 pearl;

2nd, still repeat step 1 processes, and the green beads range from 6-10;

3rd, at last twine the wire ends together to finish the 1st bottom layer;

4th, repeat to make another two.

Step 5: Assemble the Layers Together

1st, connect middle layers to top layer with a 1.5cm interval in between;

2nd, similarly connect bottom layers to top and middle layers;

3rd, twine all the wire ends together.

Step 6: Finish the Tree’s Stem

1st, leave 3cm length for tree’s stem, bend the rest wire up;

2nd, twine the wires around each other.

Step 7: Tada!

I have finished this mini Christmas tree! Let me know if you love it or not. Merry Christmas!



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