Mini Air Conditioner (A/C) From Reused Materials

Introduction: Mini Air Conditioner (A/C) From Reused Materials

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Hi everyone , This is Sahas chitlange from india. Its Summer in india , and temperature increases to 40degree Celsius with frequent power cuts. so I thought of making a MINI AC that woud'nt take much of energy and would work on multiple power options. This MINI AC can be powered by three ways

1) Solar Panel

2) 12 V discarded battery

3) Direct 220V AC

I chose to power it from DIRECT 220V AC . I can do it with other tow option also .

It wont take much time and money to build this MINI AC . the total cost was around RS 100/- because most of the items were found in the junk.

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Step 1: Gather the Materials

Materials required to make this Mini AC are
1) Stiff cooling pad brown colour

2) A old computer SMPS fan

3) A 12V 1A Powersupply

4) Solar panel 12V 10W ( optional )

5) A discarded 12V 7Ah UPS battery (Optional)

6) Spray

7) wires , heatshrink tube and other misc. instruments

Step 2: Glue the Fan to Supply

Glue the supply to the fan and join the fan wires to supply wires by soldering .

Step 3: Attach the Cooling Pad to the Fan

Now attach the cooling pad to the fan using the cable ties .

Step 4: Spray the Water and ................. ENJOY!!!!!!!!

Using the sprayer , spray cold water on cooling pad and switch on the AC to enjoy a COOL SUMMER.

I hope you liked this instructable . BYE . please vote and comment.

Step 5:

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    10 Discussions

    Aditya M
    Aditya M

    5 years ago on Introduction

    hey, hello I am also a Indian. I know the Indian Summer condition. However I live in Flat and we have Generator But then also the fan cannot give enough coolness.I was thinking of making a homemade AC. but when I saw your Instructable I was delighted to see that we can make such a Cheap AC.

    Chitlange Sahas
    Chitlange Sahas

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Actually my old cooler required cooling pad changing so i cutted a piece out of that old one

    Nice idea. Indian summers are just terrible and power cuts are hell.

    However, Having Power supply so close to water means SHOCK SHOCK SHOCK. Can you please lengthen the supply and place it away? Or better can you make a waterproof one?

    Else How is the effectiveness of this unit? Enough for 1 person? a Cublile?

    How often we need to spray?


    5 years ago

    a very thought out instructable, but the spraying water that close to that much power freaks a lot of people out, plus once you filter is dry you have to keep repeating probably every 15 minutes. it's a neat idea, but it's a watercooler and there are actually better, cheaper, and safer designs. it does looks like you have some awesome ideas, still look forward to seeing some great instructables.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Sorry, but it is very dangerus to spray water near to the "hight voltage" parts, you shouldnt do that!