Mini Airsoft,Paintball,Land Mine.




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Since my larger airsoft mine is not that portable,and cannot be carried in a side pocket of say a your airsoft combat vest,etc,so a smaller more compact and portable version without internal power supply had to be made,so can carry a good few to defend your base position etc.

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Step 1: Construction.

Simple parts and tools needed easy to make very easy and cheap.
2 large and one smaller bottlecap plastic,hot glue and gun,push activation switch,and 2 lengths of electronic wire,optional crocodile clips,and dark paint.

First cut holes in the smaller cap and a single large cap,the size of your switch,and screw/glue it in place,cut a small notch out of the lower large bottlecap,for the wires to come out of,glue the smaller top to the larger with wires now traveling through both,attach ad hot glue the lower cap on with wires placed in the notch before gluing,and your done.

Just paint it up i used dark green, let it dry and move onto the testing.

Step 2: Testing.

Finally test it with a power source of some kinda battery etc,and hook up a multimeter voltage tester.
Now go bury it connected to a battery,and e-match airsoft device etc,a fixed safe distance away and have fun setting up small mine fields around your bunkers bases ruins so on.

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    4 Discussions


    Question 11 months ago

    this does not explain much like if it shoots pellets


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is confusing. There is no real instruction here. it sounds like a great idea but it's not complete. There is no instruction on what makes it go or what makes it work. You mention some wire and some caps and and ematch airsoft device but no real info. please add some more to make it understandable. Again not trying to be mean but all i see here is a momentary push button switch in a plastic cap. Is that all there is?

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Like i said its the same as the larger version of mine,just smaller and without a battery pack to power it,just hook it up to a powerpack.....ass for e-matchs ask google or make yourself there instructionals around on here teaching you how to make one,and by airsoft devices i mean half my instructables.

    Will add to this instructable with all the parts and things you just described make it more clear how to use it and extra parts needed at a later date,e-matches,devices,better description of how to use it and set it up.