Mini Altoid Survival Kit

Introduction: Mini Altoid Survival Kit

This is a small altoids kit that you can always keep with you

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Step 1: Get Stuff

I used 1 small razor blade 1 packet of Advil 1 book matches 1 small fishing line 1 small fishing hook 1 pack nissin freeze dried veggies

Step 2: Water Proof

Once every thing is inside either rap with electrical tape and ziplock bag or just ziploc

Step 3: Uses

Razor blade can be fashioned into a knife spear or can be used to shave wood into tinder. Advil will treat minor headaches and help with pain. Fishing line and hook can get you dinner. Nissin food is a good mix of veggies for a snack. Matches for starting fire. You can use the tin as a signaling device or to heat veggies. Ziploc can hold water and hold any food you find. Tape can fasten rocks to sticks in order to make a spear

Step 4: Done!

Have fun and be safe. Always tell some one if going camping hiking or anything like that and remember have a good time

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I don't mean to offend anyone, but have you ever tried using a razor as a knife spear or to shave tinder? Or tried using tape to lash stones as spear points? None of those would really work all that well, the tape doesn't grip well enough for the spear point to actually hold and puncture anything but maybe cardboard, and using the razor to shave tinder would possibly dull your blade beyond all repair, or put you into a slightly more dangerous situation than if you just used your pocket knife, and it's to small as a knife spear. Having a razor is a great idea, but more for first aid or possibly processing food...

    CSI worker
    CSI worker

    5 years ago

    Nice! I like that username. Can you add pictures of the items listed? Because some of the things listed I never heard of.