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Introduction: Mini BIC Keychain Pen!

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Ever find yourself without a pen or losing the one in your pocket when you need to sign something? This has happened to me too many times, so I decided to add a new, cheap addition to my everyday carry that you can do in less than ten minutes! The Mini BIC is really easy to do, and shouldn't cost a thing if you're willing to scrounge around the house for some parts.

Required tools and parts:

1. Power drill with a 3/32" drill bit
2. Needlenose pliers
3. Marker pen
4. Hobby knife, or just a knife
5. Scissors
6. Super glue (optional)
7. BIC clear plastic pen, shown below
8. Quarter inch keyring

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Step 1: Pop Off the Cap

Using your knife, carefully try to cut around the clear plastic by the end cap. This should loosen the cap a little, allowing you to pry it off.

Step 2: Measure Your Desired Length.

Everyone has different hand sizes, so feel  free to decide how long you want your pen to be. Mark the length with the marker and leave it for now, you'll be cutting it later.

Step 3: Pull Out the Insert and Start Cutting

Using the pliers, pull out the pen insert so you can get to cutting! set aside the insert after you pull it out. Now take the shell that you marked, and start cutting with your knife.

Step 4: Putting It Back Together

Put the pen insert back into your newly cut tube, and cut off any excess from the insert. Pop the end cap back on, and you've got yourself a Mini BIC! If the end cap is loose, just put in a dab of superglue to make sure it stays on there tight.

Step 5: Inserting the Keyring and Adding Finishing Touches

Using your blade, make a tiny hole on the tip of the pen cap. This'll act as a pilot hole for your drill. After that, just drill right through. Now comes the hardest part, in my opinion at least. Put the keyring through the holes you just made; use pliers if you have to. Once the keyring is in, you're done!

One last step I like to is to add some plumbers putty on the inside of the cap. This makes the fit real snug, and keeps the pen from accidentally falling out. If you ever run out of ink, just replace the insert with a new one, simple as that. This thing has been one of the most useful things in my EDC since I added it, and it even sees more action than my knife haha. Best of all it's so cheap! Enjoy!

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5 Discussions


6 years ago

Try stuffing a bit of plumbers putty on the end of the ink tube, it should keep it from drying


7 years ago on Step 5

Thats something every pocket should have, definitely adding one to my key set. Thanks!


7 years ago on Introduction

Great idea, and so simple too! Looks to be perfect for a tiny geocache.


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

Glad you liked it :) If you're going to use it for a geocache, the plumber's putty definitely helps since I heard some of those geocaches tend get wet