Mini Baby Bed Photo Prop

Introduction: Mini Baby Bed Photo Prop

About: My name is Andrew and I just really enjoy creating/building things. I love me some Star Wars... and other nerdy things. I also love the Outdoors and anything that deals with being outside.

I made this out of scrap wood so these are just guesses. I made my attempts to take pictures throughout this build though. Materials needed 6 2ft 1x3s 1 2ft 1x2s 28 1in wood screws Sand paper Wood Stain Tools Drill Miter saw Measuring tape Pocket hole jig Jigsaw

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Step 1: Legs

I used scrap wood and cut them down to 1x3 size an sketched the design on the wood. I cut it out with a jigsaw. Head board legs are about 16-18 inches and the foot board is about 9-12 inches. After the cuts remember to sand.

Step 2: Connecting the Legs

Use the pocket hole jig to drill two holes on each end of the beam. Then connect the the legs. I left a 2in space at the bottom. The beam is about 16-20 inches.

Step 3: Making the Frame

Connect the two side panels that you just created with a 6-8 inch beam (make sure you have 4 pieces at the same length). Once the frame is made take the other two and connect them about 2-4 inches at the foot board end and 3-6 inches at the head board end.

Step 4: Put in Cross Beams

I used a piece of 1x2s laying around and cut them to the same length as the foot board head board beams. Connect them to the long beams

Step 5: Stain

Stain to your liking :) I made this as a photo prop for when my baby girl gets here. I plan on putting a small sheet of ply on the bottom and putting a small pillow or something and snapping a few photos. I'll upload those when my baby is born and I am able to use it.

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    3 years ago

    Hi, can you tell me is there a pattern or download or something for the legs.