Mini Basketball

Introduction: Mini Basketball

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Step 1: Materials

Paper cutters (X-acto knife)
Foam paper
5mm dowels
Hardening clay


Bouncy ball
Electrical tape to make the black line design
Or if you want to make it out of cloth:
Black thread
Orange felt

Step 2: Backboard

Cut the back board out of some orange foam paper, it could be any size as long as it fits, I did it approximately 2 inches by 2 inches

Cut out the paper to make the shapes of the backboard, then add a strip of foam over bottom of the inner square

Tape a straw to the middle of the backboard, put clay into the straw in order to hold in the dowel so it won't move around, and to stop it from slipping out of the top.

Step 3: Stand

Make the stand out of hardening clay, the bottom should be fairly wide for support, make a hole big enough for the dowel, or big enough for the dowel wrapped in foam paper.

Cut out some sized dowel that will fit into your straw.

(Optional) Wrap the dowel in foam, blue to make it look real (or black) (red maybe)

Step 4: Hoop

Cut out a piece of foam paper or cardboard paper in the shape of a hoop.

Poke two pins into the end of the hoop (these go into the foam piece on the backboard).

Cut tiny diamonds out of the paper to make net shape out of the paper, so it can fit into the net hoop.

You should tape over the pins to make sure they stay

Step 5: Balls

Bouncy ball:

If you get an orange one, then all you have to do is wrap it in black tape like a basketball


Orange velvet, cut a small circle out (larger than the size of the hoop), sew the design of the basket ball in thread

Sew around (not completely), fill the ball with filling, then turn it inside out and sew in to hole

Step 6: Folding It In

First backboard
Lie in the pole then lie down the hoop, balls, and stand

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