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Introduction: Mini-Beading Loom Travel-Size

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Mini Beading Loom size!!

On my recent trip to Florida I wasn't able to bring all my craft supplies, but I knew I would want to do some beading during some down time between Disney park visits....

So I decided to make a mini travel-sized loom to take and I wanted to share the process with you:

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Step 1: Ingredients....


Wood pieces 1" thick cut to desired size (I cut one piece 3" width by 6"length, and two smaller pieces each 3" width by 1.5"-approx.-in length)

2 Eye Screws, 4" bolts, two wing nuts to fit bolts

Wood Stain (if desired)

Wood Glue and 2 clamps to secure while drying

Drill, Sand paper or electric sander

Step 2: Cut Your Wood Pieces...

First, cut your wood to dimensions listed in "Ingredients" section in the last step:

Step 3: Sand and Stain Wood (if Desired)...

Next, if desired, sand edges and surface of wood till smooth and stain with wood stain in desired shade:

Step 4: Glue Small Pieces to Large Piece of Wood....

When the stain has dried, use wood glue to connect the 2 smaller pieces to the top side ends of larger wood piece and add clamps to hold in place while drying as shown:

Step 5: Drill Holes....

After the glue has dried, drill 4 holes...(2 holes in each small end piece) into the each end of the two smaller wood pieces- as shown:

Step 6: Add Eye Screws....

Add the eye screws--one to each of the 4 holes and use the bolts to screw them in tight (see 2nd picture):

Step 7: Add the Bolts, Wing Nuts, Etc.....

Add bolts through the eye screws and secure with wing nuts on both ends as shown in picture....

ALSO: Add two nails to each outer edge (if desired - not shown) to use to secure thread when threading the loom....

** There you have it. A mini bead loom to take along with you!

Let me know if anything is unclear in comment section and I will get right back to you. Also, if you want to make a larger loom, check out my other tutorial either here on Instructables or on my blog at: (Link: HERE)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    What a clever solution to insufficiently portable beading looms. How'd you carry it?

    wicked jypsi
    wicked jypsi

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It fit into a side pocket of my luggage easily- but when they scanned it in security I do remember them taking it out and looking at it trying to figure out what it was:) So, I leaned over and told them what it was used for and they looked a little relieved after that! Thanks so much!!