Mini Bow and Quiver

Introduction: Mini Bow and Quiver

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I was on one day and found a instructible for a mini steampunked bow by iceshphere so I decided to make my own, enjoy.
DISCLAIMER: Do NOT shoot at anyone or animals, could cause minor injuries.

Step 1:

First I will explain how I made the quiver. I took 3 30, 30 shells and electrical taped them together then glued leather over it and made a leather belt with working buckle, with wire and tin.

Step 2:

For the bow I bended and cut a wire hanger then electrical taped it and wrapped it with wire, then I made a small spool with the wire and connected it to the bow with more wire. Then I took a piece of string and tied it to both ends of the bow.

Step 3:

For the arrows I cut the ends of toothpicks and cut one end about half a centimeter down and slid a piece of tin that I cut out. Next i wound a thin piece of electrical tape around it.

Step 4:

Thats it plz comment, if anyone wants I will do a full instructible so comment if u do.

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    3 Discussions

    Can you show how to do the arrows?

    i have a steampunk bow and dont know how to do arrows xD


    Reply 6 years ago

    A tooth pick split down the middle about 1 centimeter then cut out the head from a tin can lid, then take a thin strip about a millimeter and wrap around