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Introduction: Mini-Bubble Tea 'Mocktail'

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In this instructable, I will go through the method of making mini-bubbles. Accompanying the exact instructions, I will give you  a range of possibilities, as every type of tapioca must cook slightly differently. Tapioca is pretty sensitive to pressure changes and other stuff, so I will always give you a range.

This is really very yummy, and can cost up to 5 dollars per tea in stores!!!! This is far cheaper, with about 1 drink costing about $1.50!

The inspiration for this instructable is that in a small town, the odds of having a bubble tea shop are low, and for those who enjoy it can have it more often than every month or so!

* This recipe scales up, I recently made like 30 servings along the same guideline.

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Step 1: Materials & Tools:

Brown sugar
Tapioca (you can get this from a grocery store, it's called LARGE pearl tapioca(although it makes smaller ones), in the baking isle)
Food dye (optional)
Juice, Milk, soda, or other drink
Black Tea

Heat source
Straws (bigger ones, like McDonald's or Starbuck's work best)

Step 2: What Kind of Pearls Do You Have?

If they were hard and dry like mine were, follow this step!

@ Place into a cup, and fill with water.

@ There should be much more water than pearls!

@ Refrigerate, and wait overnight!

This allows for your  hard pearls to absorb water, and grow larger. The longer they soak, the clearer and larger they get.

Decant them before going onto the next step, but replace a little bit of the water when you are done so they do not dehydrate.

*I labeled stuff in my fridge if you are curious*

Step 3: Cooking the Bubbles:

@ Boil up some water! (you want your water to have about 7 times the volume of the pearls)

@ Once it is boiling, add all the pearls in.

@ Let these boil for 15-30 minutes. (mine took 20)

@ Be sure to check every other minute or so so it the water doesn't over boil, or boil off.*

 * if it over boils, pour a little water out and continue, boils off add more water.

@ After it has boiled the time alloted, the pearls should be solid in the center, but the size you want them.

@ Let them sit for another 20 minutes. *

*Now is the time to add sugar and food coloring if you want it. I added a few spoonfuls of brown sugar and 14 drops of green dye, 6 drops of yellow. The food coloring box says I'll get Jungle Green. Sounds exciting enough! :)

@ Check texture, (taste one, or two), and see if it is done enough for you, if it isn't, let it sit longer. If it is, continue! *

* For me, done is when they are chewy, but not hard.

@ Add in hot water, and rinse until the water coming out of the pot is clear.*

* Pour the water out into the sink as to not stain clothing.

@If not served immediately, put in warm sugar water to maintain the optimum flavor & texture!

Step 4: Making the Drink:

@ Boil water in your kettle, and make some black tea!

@ After it is at desired strength, ice it so its not hot! *

* unless you like your bubbles hot!

@ You can either sweeten the tea with sugar/honey/plant syrup, and add milk OR leave it and add fruit juice.*

*This step is all up to you, and the beverage you serve it in is all your choice. It tastes good in sodas, smoothies, etc. But this recipe is for a fruit tea, so bear on!

@ Plop a spoonful of bubbles into your cup, then pour in half fruit juice. Because of the bubbles, this is a little bit less than half, and will taste more tea like. Depending on your preferences, you can either do more or less juice, to affect the flavor.

@ Add the tea in, (over the sink, or pour the tea into a spouted cup that pours more easily) and get a nice straw!

Bon Appetit

Step 5: Final Thoughts:

Try making more then one color, and then mixing them in the drink! (do not store together as the colors bleed)

Experiment with different flavored syrups for different tasting bubbles.

Hit up china-town/little tokyo and see if they have larger pearls for sale!

Try out many different drinks, as they are all good!

Use the bubbles in a marshmallow-war type battle. Warning: May get gross!

Cross reference other bubbl-ibles, and try out their great recipes too!


Milk tea:

- Jeremy

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    10 Discussions

    What is the size of the tapioca balls before you prepare them?
    Cause we have something similar here and I was wondering if it's the correct size


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    A little larger than a metal bb I think.

    As I said, it is all a range. As long as the pearls are round you will produce bubbles! If it is the ground pieces which are flecks then it won't work.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Oh cool! That's what we have here!

    I'm gonna try this out! I hope I like it, cause I hate the thing we usually make with this tapioca pearl things lol


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Ok, good luck! Let me know how you like it/if you need any clarification!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Be sure to throw a vote in, and rating for me when you do!


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the very explicit directions on making the tapioca bubbles. I bought some, followed the box directions (sorta), and ended up with hard centers.

    Now I'm encouraged to go try it again!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    No problem. Be sure to throw a vote & rating in for me :).

    Make sure you let them soak at least overnight. It really is the most important step!