Mini CO2 Tank for Dispensing Beer





Introduction: Mini CO2 Tank for Dispensing Beer

I have a 5 pound CO2 tank that I use to dispense beer from my Kegerator, but it is way to big and heavy to take to a party.

You can also use a 20 oz paintball CO2 tank, connected to a regular CO2 regulator. This is much more portable, but still bulky.

But I wanted an even smaller setup to use with my "Bagerator". It's a cooler bag I use to take beer to parties in 2 liter PET bottles. You can see an Instructable on it here.

You can see how I use the 2 liter pop bottles for beer in this instructable.

After many hours of search, I found an affordable mini regulator.

The only challenge is to connect it to the Paintball tank. The regulator input has 3/8-24 thread, which is not a pipe thread. This means none of the pipe fittings at the hardware store will fit. So I made my own fitting by soldering a brake line adaptor to a close nipple.

Step 1: Source Parts

Sourcing the parts is the hardest part!

You need to source:

Mini Co2 regulator - If found the cheapest one on Aliexpress (ebay from Asia) for U$22 delivered. Click the link.

CO2 ASA Adapter Fill Station Remote On/Off. Search for this term on eBay. U$3

Brake line fitting with male 3/8-24 threads. I found it at the first auto parts store I visited. Rummaged through their brake line fittings until I found one with the right male thread. I couldn't find one with female 1/8 NPT thread, so I picked one that was slightly larger and soldered a 1/8 NPT close nipple into it.

1/8 NPT Close nipple. Easy to find at any hardware store.

1/8 NPT to 1/4 OD "Push-to-connect". At the same hardware store

Step 2: Adaptor to Connect Mini Regulator to Paintball Tank

Because I couldn't find a fitting to connect the 3/8-24 threaded mini regulator to the 1/8 NPT thread on the ASA on the tank, I had to make one.

This is a very simple soldering operation, if you found a brake line adaptor into which the 1/8 nipple fits loosely.

Put some flux on the nipple threads, insert into brake line adaptor, heat with propane torch and apply solder. Took all of 3 minutes!

Step 3: Replace Output With "Push-to-connect" Fitting

I replaced the output fitting that came with the regulator with a 1/4 outer diameter push to connect fitting, Just push your 1/4 OD vinyl tubing that leads to your PET-a-draft in and you are ready to go!

Step 4: Assemble

Use teflon tape on the 1/8 NPT threads.None needed on the 3/8-24 or the paintball tank.

Screw your self made adaptor into the mini regulator and the other side into the ASA, which goes onto the paintball tank.

Test for leaks by immersing in water.



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    15 Discussions

    Here is a connector that will eliminate the need for the two parts soldered together.

    3 replies

    Thanks for a great instructable. Exactly what I needed :)

    Wich one should be used.

    [3/8" x 1/8"-27 NPTF] or [3/16" x 1/8"-27 NPTF] ?

    In a review, a buyer wrote that it was for CO2 regulator from paintball tank, and this buyer bought the [3/16" x 1/8"-27 NPTF] version.

    Sorry, that is linking weird, but you want the part number 2404-03-02-SS, 3/16" x 1/8"-27 NPTF. That 3/16" is a JIC thread, which is why it is confusing.

    The 3/16" JIC Flare fitting has a 3/8" male thread. It's the same reason that the part he used in the instructable has the thread listed as "3/16 (3/8'24)."

    Thanks. That cleared up another thing I wondered from the instructions :)

    There's a lot of conflicting information on this. Most things I've read say the paintball tank fillers get their gas from the same places as restaurants and bars. To be safe, it's probably best to ask when you're getting it filled, but it really doesn't seem to be an issue for the most part.

    I think any sort of poisoning would come from the tank itself not the co2.

    Any issues with your setup? That regulator can handle the pressure from the paintball tank?

    3 replies

    Once beer pushed back into the regulator when the tank ran empty.
    pressure in the beer was higher than the tank.

    Found a "push to connect " one way valve that should prevent that.

    One last question...would a flare fitting fit in the "gas in" side of this regulator?

    Yes, a flared connector works fine for me.

    This is the one I use:

    Great little setup. Not to detract from it, but if you plan ahead a little or want to keep it a little more simple, you can use this device to carbonate or pressurize already carbonated beer in 2-litre PET bottles using this:

    Great little setup. Not to detract from it, but if you plan ahead a little or want to keep it a little more simple, you can use this device to carbonate or pressurize already carbonated beer in 2-litre PET bottles using this:

    And the gizmo you have on the paintball tank? What is it called and where can I get 3?

    Sorry. total noob here.

    1 reply

    On ebay you can get them cheap. Or paintball shops. Its called ASA Adapter or Fill Station Remote On/Off