Mini-Canvas Photograph Displays

Introduction: Mini-Canvas Photograph Displays

About: Pinterest directed me to Instructables. I'm not sure if that was a good thing or bad - but now I'm hooked. I have made jewelry since 1988. I have had some designs published, taught jewelry at Michael's Hobb...

These little delights are so easy to make. But you must have patience in between steps - I've learned that the hard way. This picture is just a sample of what you can do!.

Full instructions in PDF fashion on my blog

I also have a YouTube slideshow -

Forgive my video - I'm still very new at the video side of crafting.

These are constructed from 2" square canvases and wooden mini easels which are sold in any hobby or craft store.

Please ask any questions - tell me of any edits needed in my instructions. Enjoy! As I said in my instructions you can also make these canvases into magnets instead of putting them on easels. Just add a magnet strip to the back. Let me see what you've designed. You can post any comments here or on my blog. Thanks for stopping by.

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