Mini Caramel Apples ;)

You know the poor little caramels that come in a bag of mixed candy? Those poor guys always get left for last and that makes them sad ;(
So here's a simple yummy little use for them...
Take at least 1 medium sized apple, and using a melon baller, Scoop out as many "balls" as you can, you want the skin left on them, it'll help hold the caramels in place without melting.
Now take 1 piece of caramel for each ball you have. You may need to microwave each caramel for about 5 seconds, to help it roll out easier. Now using your fingers, flatten the caramel...then place it between 2 small pieces of plastic wrap, and use a rolling pin, or even a drinking glass and roll the caramel as thin as you need it to fit around the apple piece.
Take an apple ball, and keep the skin part down, place the rolled out caramel over it, smoothing lightly. Take your "Candy Apple" and stick a wooden skewer and stick it through the skin part of apple.
You now have a Mini Candy Apple ;) If you want to add some decorating candies, you may need to rub the caramel piece with a little butter, to give candies something to stick to.
ENJOY!!! ;)

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Ah, that's a good tip. I tried the same thing with the melon baller and made caramel to dip the apple pieces into, but no matter how much I let the pieces dry first, the caramel would NOT stick to them. Any chance we could get some more/clearer pictures of this?

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, I had tried that too. And then was determined to make it work. And this is how ;) As for more pictures, I don't think I have more. I'll have to make some more of these and take other pics....sorry for the blur ;)