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Introduction: Mini Card Deck Holder

Many board games come with decks of cards you will need to draw from and then discard into a separate pile. Just piling them onto the table can be messy and get in the way of enjoying your game.

This Instructable will walk you through the steps to create a card deck holder with a vertical discard tray. As you follow the steps, you can adjust the sizes to better fit the deck of cards you have.

NOTE: I have refrained from being overly specific about what software to use. The features of the software I use in this Instructable should be available in all packages and the techniques are universal.

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Step 1: Build the Card Deck Prop

Its easier to create a container for a specific sized object if you first create the object. This object is a prop, while it won't be used in the final design, it will be used to construct it.

In my case, the cards were 42mm x 64mm, and the deck was 9mm high .

Step 2: Build Some Space Around the Cards

Duplicate the card deck object, and enlarge it by 2mm. This creates an object that represents the space that the cards will go into.

NOTE: I switched to a view that shows outlines only. This helps in comparing objects that overlap.

Step 3: Build the Walls

Duplicate the space object, and enlarge it by 3mm. This will create the foundation of the walls that will become the deck holder.

The walls will be 3mm. Adjust as needed.

Step 4: Make the Walls Into a Tray

Move the deck object to side for now. Lift the Space object so that it's bottom is 3mm above the bottom of the walls object. Then pull the top of the space object upward above the wall object.

Then use the tools to "subtract" the space object from the walls object, and we now have the rough tray for the cards.

Step 5: Embellish the Tray

Duplicate the current tray and move the duplicate aside for now. It will become the discard tray latter.

Create a cylinder, 25mm in diameter, with a height greater than the tray height. Height won't matter as long as it is taller than the tray. Create a duplicate and put it aside for use latter.

Duplicate this cylinder again and move them both into place so that they sit on the short ends of the tray.

Now subtract the two cylinders from the tray. This will create a tray with cut outs that allow for your fingers to grab at cards easily.

Repeat these steps, creating a larger cylinder of 40mm diameter for the long edges and subtract them from the tray also.

We now have the base tray finished.

Step 6: Build the Discard Tray

Previously we duplicated the tray before we embellished it. Take that duplicate, rotate it along the long edge so that it is vertical.

Crop the top off the rotated tray.

Now take the previously duplicated large cylinder, move it into position on the long edge of the vertical tray. Duplicate this cylinder and rotate it 90 degrees. Place the rotated cylinder along the long edge of the top as shown.

Now subtract the cylinders from the vertical tray.

Move the discard tray into position at the back of the horizontal tray.

Use the card deck prop you set aside earlier to see how the cards will sit in the tray. Remember to remove it before you print!

Step 7: Embellish and Print

Add your personal twist to finish it off.

> Try using the Fillet tool to round the edges.

> Extend the vertical tray to be deeper.

> Remove an edge from the horizontal tray so you can slide cards out a side.

Print your creation and enjoy!

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    this is a really amazing idea and a solution to my playing card management issues. It's just too bad that you have to 3d print it. we dont even have one of those businesses that let you use the public 3d printer around here.


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Not sure how remote you are, but some Home Depots now have 3d printers for public use. Further, you will find this design on Thingiverse, and they have a button that will print it and ship it to you.