Mini Christmas Gift Cubes




Introduction: Mini Christmas Gift Cubes


Have you got scraps of wood from previous projects or endless spools of ribbon that get lost before they are used up? If so, then this if for you!

These gift cubes are a great way to spice up your place around Christmas time. They are made from wooden cubes with some being stained with a grey tint to make them a little bit different. They are then wrapped in whatever you want; whether that's red and white twine, green ribbon, or something else. These are super simple and will only take 2 days to make (this is mostly just waiting). They cost whatever you need to buy, as I pretty much already had all the things needed for the project.

Step 1: Materials

  • Wooden Cubes (mine were 3cm cubes)
  • Ribbon, twine, etc
  • Grey Wood Stain

You can buy the grey wood stain, or you can make it as I did using this instructable. Follow that for instructions on how to make the grey wood staining mixture and the materials.

Step 2: Staining the Cubes

Brew a cup of black tea (or any tea really) and let it cool for a while. Next, grab the cubes you want to stain, and dip them into the cup of tea and set out to dry overnight (or in front of a fan for a few hours).

Now when they are all nice and dry, grab your grey wood staining mixture and dip the cubes into it. They should then be set to dry for a few hours.

After that is done, they should be a kind of light grey, however we want it slightly darker - so now brew another cup of tea and do the same as we did before. If the cubes fizz a little when they are in the tea then you know you are doing it right. They should now be a darker grey than before.

Then leave them to dry (again). And now the cubes are stained! Onto the fun part...

Step 3: Decorating

This is a super simple step and all that you need is to follow the video here on how to tie a bow around a box (or cube in this case) if you don't know how.

I used 3 different colors/types of string, a white ribbon, a green ribbon, and red & white twine. I wished I could have got red ribbon however the shop didn't have any so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

To do a little trick that I did with the twine interlaced with the ribbon, just tie the normal ribbon up until the bow, now get the twine and do the same, but then instead of making a bow, tie it and leave it there. Now you can finished the bow using the ribbon. And then you have a fancy double material wrap.

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