Mini Clothespin Necklace





Introduction: Mini Clothespin Necklace

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I saw the cutest mini clothespins just laying around in my room, then I got an ideal to make a necklace with them.
Things you'll need:
  • Cute mini clothespin
  • Nail polish in various colors of the rainbow ( also silver) 
  • Size E 3.50mm crochet hook 
  • Thin yarn

Step 1: Paint Your Pins

Ok now there are two ways to paint these. You can either take them apart and only paint the wood or just paint it. I unhooked mine because I didn't want to paint the metal part. But it's all up to you. If you do take them apart be prepared to get your fingers a little messy. You'll need to paint the top and one side first and let it dry. I repeat Let this dry!! And then paint the other side. If the nail polish is thin just paint another coat, I had to for the green. Oh, and add a top coat. 

Step 2: Finishing Up

Now make a chain long enough to fit around your head comfortable. Put them back together and pin onto your chain in the order of the rainbow. Now you're now done!!



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