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This project demonstrates how to install an arduino to an Rc Car. The arduino that i will be using is a UNO arduino. What i have done in this project is got a none working Rc Car. You can program the controller to make the car do any number of driving patterns and stunts.Once you have the car being controlled from the on-board controller, you can add sensors for light and sound and make the car do things like line following.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

I used the following materials:

- Mini Cooper Rc Car

- Arduino

- Wire's

- Solder

- Battery's

Tools that is used:

- Screwdrivers (Philips and Flathead)

- Soldering Iron

- Wire Cutters

- Tweezers or pointy nose pliers

Step 2: Disassemble the Car

To get through this step you must pull apart the car in a order of steps. First get a pair of wire cutters and cut the antenna off. Then turn the car over and unscrew the car from the chassis.

Step 3: Connecting the Wires

Identify the main IC and cut the legs off as close to the IC as possible. Use a set of pliers to hold each of the legs and pull the legs out as you touch each of the pads with your soldering iron. Then make up a test lead with a brown black red (1K) resistor and solder the end of the test lead onto a +ve pad or the positive lead from the battery pack. You must check with a resitor and test which number is forward, back and reverse and then get some wire and connect it to then further on connect it to your Arduino.

Step 4: Route Wires and Put Car Back Together

Drill a hole through the rear or the front of the car body for a place for where the wires will come out of the car to be connecting to the arduino. Place the body back on the chassis so you can feed the wires through the hole in the body. Screw the body back on to the chassis.

Step 5: Attach Your Arduino

You can either attach your arduino with rubberbands or hot glue you must attach your arduino to the roof of your body. Then you must feed the wires through the roof and connect the wires to the arduino. Also attach a 9V battery holder and plug it into the Arduino. You must also have a ground wire which is connected to the arduino.

These statements in the Arduino program determine which pins the white wires plug into:

int forward = 12; // forward pin

int reverse = 11; // reverse pin

int left = 10; // left pin

int right = 9; // right pin



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    bro.. please give me the program code