Mini Crown Sinnet


Introduction: Mini Crown Sinnet


Step 1: Get Ready

Pull out the strings in the cord. Then tie a slip knot
-Make a loop with the cord
-Bight the right side of the loop
-Thread the bight through the loop then tighten firmly

Step 2: New Step

Step 3: New Step

Step 4: New Step

Step 5: Start the Weave

Take the right cord and thread it through the loop. Leave a small loop do NOT PULL THE LOOP ALL THE WAY THROUGH.Pull the left cord to tighten the loop. If the slip knot does not collapse thread the other cord through the loop and pull the other cord. Keep doing this alternating cords on which you pull and thread.

Step 6: Keep Weaving

Keep the weave up.

Step 7: DONE

when little to no cord is left pull the last cord through and tighten.snip and singe



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      With white cord and a black background, I bet you could crank up the contrast on these photos to make the paracord really stand out. Even if you don't modify your photos (using something free and accessible like pixlr or picmonkey), that's a good-looking series of knots.