Mini Dart

Introduction: Mini Dart

This dart is a fun simple one that can be made out of objects in your average office. Be careful when throwing these as they can cause serious damage to your eyes. Also, the pin will leave a small mosquito-bite-like bump. So don't worry. A piece of paper rolled up around a pencil and glued on all four edges will make-do for a blow gun. I'll soon be making an instructable on that subject. So with that done lets get started.

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Step 1: Components

To make the dart you need the following: -An eraser off the back of a pencil -a pin. I used a pin I broke off of a badge. -a cigarette butt. Just take the burnt bud off. -a flathead screw bit or a compass or anything that can be used to push in the tabs

Step 2: The Pointy End

Take your pin and insert it at the centre at the top part of the eraser, the part you rub out with, and push until you come out the other side.

Step 3: Pointy End Part 2

Take the pin out of the eraser and insert the pointy end through the part that was attached to the pencil. Now your pin is centered and you are ready to put the tail on.

Step 4: The Tail

For the tail you will need a cigarette butt that has peen removed of its paper cover. Put it into the back end of the eraser as shown above. Fasten it to the eraser by pushing in the edges to clamp onto the butt. I used a small flat head but anything with a point will do.

Step 5: You're Done!

Nice. When throwing it, hold the metal bit of the eraser and throw like a dart. It might stop sticking to stuff but you just need to replace the pin. The tail mustn't become all fluffy and wild just replace it if it goes a bit haywire. Hoped you liked it. My next instructive will be dart blower. Until then. Seeya!

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