Mini Darts for Your Mini Potato Cannon

Introduction: Mini Darts for Your Mini Potato Cannon

well i made the pocket potato cannon from narpas instructable and it fires amazingly well might i add. i did add a jet lighter spark ingitor to it instead of the disposable camera just for compactness. i was firing spitballs across my house when i thought 'why not make darts for this?' so i did and here they are.

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Step 1: What You Need

wall hook or a sharp nail

i made the dart before the instructable so i had to improvise when it came to building

Step 2: Step 1

cut the q-tip about 3/4 inch from one of the buds this will be your dart body.

Step 3: Step 2

now get your wall hook or small nail and coat it with super glue and then insert into your tube.

Step 4: Your Done!

Now just insert dart into potatoe cannon and fire it away. i am not responsible for any damage, injury, harm, hurt, breakage or anything in that category. it is your fault if you decide to fire it at your brother and hit him in the eye causing him to go to the hospital and have an eye tranplant all because you thought it would be funny.

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