Mini Dc 3 Volts Generator

Introduction: Mini Dc 3 Volts Generator

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This is a mini generator which generates 3 volts from which u can power a bulb ur tv remote or any other 3 volt thing. It"s power source is a lead acid battery but u can power it even with solar panel

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Step 1: Getting Your Materials

For this generator the materials u need are

1: 2 motors (with more than 3000 rpm speed)

2: 4 volt 700 mah or more battery

3:2 plastic pulleys

4: A mini rubber belt not a rubber band

5: Wires

6: 1 rocker switch

7: A 3 volt bulb

Step 2: Attach Pulleys to the Motors

Take both motors and and attach the pulleys to the rotors of the motor

Step 3: Soldering Wires and Attaching the Switch

Soldering on battery:

Take a red wire and solder it on the positive pole of the battery and black wire on the negative pole

Soldering on motors:

Take the 1st motor and solder the red wire on the positive pole of the motor and black on negative pole and repeat this step this on the 2nd motor

Attaching the switch:

Take the 1st motor and tie the positive wire of it with the battery's positive wire and between the black wires of battery and motor tie the wire of battery on the off point of the switch and motor's wire on the on point.

Step 4: Taping the Motors and Attaching the Belt

Taping the motors:

Tape motor 1 with motor 2 with a duct or packaging tape.

Attaching the belt:

In between the pulleys their is a gap.Put the belt through the pulley of 1 motor to motor 2 .

Step 5: Operation

Turn on the generator and attach the red wire on the positive pole of the bulb and black on the negative the bulb will light up.

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