Mini Desk Lamp

About: Technology

Hi, this is a small desk lamp with LED and easy to make, the reason I made it was sometimes I just needed a small desk lamp just to lit my desk top keyboard.


1- small plastic bottle

2- a switch

3- a used pen body

4- a small piece of polycarbonate sheet

5- pieces of electrical duct

6- a few pieces of wire

7- LED strps cold and warm light

8- enough balls from ball bearings


10- electric tape


1-soldering Iron

2- solder

3- wire cutter

4- cutter


Cut pieces of electrical duct covers and glue them to gether in a matrix raw, attach the pen to the said piece, solder the wires to LED strips and stick those to the said piece and insert the polycarbonate piece in the slots of electric duct cove, then make a hole in bottle and after soldering wires to switch, install the switch on the bottle and put enough steel balls inside the bottle to make it heavy enough to support the lamp and attach all together, thats all...



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