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About: I'm a teenager that appreciates the finer things in life, such as disassembling an old radio with a hammer and lighting WD-40 on fire out of the can, which is why I fit right in here at Instructables.

In this Instructable you will create a simple wooden frame, drill some holes in it, then weave string through it to create the look of a curve.
As I said in the name, it is miniature, so you can put it on your desk, your night table, your microwave, really anywhere.
This Instructable was inspired by this other one, here, which I followed and hung the result up on my wall, because it was too large for my desk.

Be sure to read all of my image notes; they have important information in them.

Let's get started.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. Roll of string (you only need about 4 ft)
2. Two thin pieces of wood, 4.5 inches long each, about an inch wide
3. One small rectangle of wood as the corner piece, should be cut to brace the two pieces      of wood, so try to cut it precisely
- hammer to pound staples in (not pictured)
- awl/small object to push string through staple (not pictured)

1. wood glue
2. drill with  3/16" bit
3. staple gun
4. wood saw (preferably fine-tooth for a precise cut, used to cut the wood to size)
5. scissors
6. pencil
7. lighter
8. small clamp
9. tape measure

Step 2: Drill the Holes

Your wood should already be cut.
Now you have to make some precise measurements for the holes, and then drill them.
Drill a total of five holes in each frame piece, one hole every 3/4”. Have your first hole 1/2” in, and your last hole should be 1/4” before the end of the piece.
Diagram: |(1/2") • (3/4") • (3/4") • (3/4") • (3/4") • (1/4")|
The measurements are the same for both pieces.
Also draw a middle line horizontally on both pieces of wood.
Now drill your holes and erase your pencil lines if you're not painting the frame later.

Step 3: Glue the Frame Together

Glue the two pieces to the block, forming a right angle on it. It’s best to glue one, clamp it, let it sit for a day, then glue the other piece on and clamp it. You can also put some staples in to make it a firmer hold.
If your block covers one or two of your holes, just drill through it.

Step 4: Paint (optional)

This is when you should paint or stain your frame. I didn't have to because my wood is already good looking.

Step 5: String It

Anchor the string at one end, then begin stringing the frame up. Look at the pictures for guidance. Anchor the other end when you’re done.
Make sure you keep the string tight, and use the lighter to melt both ends so they're stiff.

You have to pull the full length of the string through each time you go through a hole.

After this step, you're done. Have fun with your new Mini Desktop 3D String Art.



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    Eye Poker

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm wondering what piano wire or guitar strings would sound like in that.......