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About: Hi, I'm Rachel and I love sewing and making things, especially using old or unwanted materials. My favourite thing to do is upcycle bits and bobs to make pretty new things✂️ Hope you enjoy my instructables!

This is a tutorial about how to make a tiny little dreamcatcher from an old bracelet or bangle. You can of course use this same method to make normal sized dreamcatchers, or even extra big ones! Just replace the bangle with a larger hoop. I hope you enjoy making these cute creations! Lets get started..

Step 1: What You Will Need

1. An old bangle (or you can use a small metal hoop)
2. Some small feathers
3. Embroidery thread
4. Scissors
5. Beads
6. A large needle (this is optional)

Step 2: Threading the Dreamcatcher

Follow the diagram here to see how the dreamcatcher is threaded/ woven. It might help to search up a video on how to do it too. As this dreamcatcher is so tiny, I put the embroidery thread through a large sewing needle to help guide the thread through. The finished result is shown in the second image

Step 3: Adding Decoration

You might want to add decoration such as feathers and beads to your dreamcatcher. First, cut a piece of embroidery thread. Tie this to the end of the dreamcatcher and double knot it. Slide the beads you want to use onto the end of the thread. Then, tie the top of a feather onto the thread. You can use different coloured beads and feathers, whatever colours you like. I used white feathers to match my threaded design and gold beads to match my bangle. The orange thread also coordinates with the bangle. Add as many beads and feathers as you want!

Step 4: Hanging Your Dreamcatcher

Finally, all thats left to do is to tie a length of thread to the top of your dreamcatcher and knot it into a loop. And you're done. Feel free to hang your tiny creation wherever you like! Maybe try out different coloured feathers, beads and threads to make dreamcatchers with unique looks. Have fun! ?



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    Answer 11 months ago

    Thanks for the feedback. Step two is just threading the dreamcatcher, but step three is adding the beads and feathers. In what way could I make it clearer or improve my instructable?


    1 year ago

    thanks, glad you liked it ☺️


    1 year ago

    Love this idea of using an old bangle. ?