Mini Easy to Use Grill

Introduction: Mini Easy to Use Grill

One thing that I always have had laying around the house was cans. We have a bunch of them but it is hard to find a good use for them. I wanted to put them to good use so I looked up things I could make with a can. One of the things that I thought looked really neat was a mini grill. It looked very convenient but very simple. I decided to make it and see if it really is as simple as it looks.

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Step 1: Cutting Out Strips

The very first thing that needed to happen for this grill was for marks to be made on the can. That way I knew exactly where I would cut to make even strips. I measured how far around the whole can was and I split it into 5 even strips. Then I cut the strips on the line. I tried many things to cut the strips with. That included t bolt cutters, tin snips, saw, and an Exacto knife. Ironically the thing that ended up cutting the best were just standard scissors. It was definitely something I didn't expect.

Step 2: Painting the Can

Painting the can is not a step that you have to do for the grill but I did it to make it look better. What I did was take the can into my garage and put into a large box. That way when I spray painted it the can would not get all over the place. This step did not take very long because it is not a very big can and I only had to paint half the can. Overall this step was one of the easiest.

Step 3: Putting in the Foil Charcoal and Grill Surface

The next thing I did was find a regular piece of foil and try and form it to the can. I just layed a sheet on and pushed it around so it would properly fit in. I then put the shards of charcoal5 into the bottom of the can. Then I layed the grill surface on top of the can so it would stay on.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Now you can light the charcoal and cook something without having to get out your normal big grill. I hope you learned how to create an easy to make grill.

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    1 year ago

    This is awesome! Nice to have a small grill when you need it!