Mini Egg Burgers and Mini Egg Cups



Introduction: Mini Egg Burgers and Mini Egg Cups

-I tried this mini burgers and mini egg cups for my kid and they turned good. I made the cups and burger using tortilla.My kid finished all the cups and wanted more.Iam sure even your kids like this.

Ingredients for egg cups and burger:

- tortillas

- 2 beaten eggs

- capsicum slices

- onion slices

- lettuce

- tomato puree

- grated cheese

- red chilli powder or pepper


-bread slices and crumble


-muffin tray

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Step 1: Preparing Mini Egg Cups:

-Take the tortilla and cut in to circles and fix in your muffin cup as shown in my pics.

- Apply tomato puree and add your toppings capsicum,onions,red chilli powder or pepper and salt.

-Add beaten egg and grated cheese.

-I jus used brezel as handle to give a cup look.

I showed all my images in next step

Step 2: Preparing Mini Egg Burgers:

-I made 2 kinds of mini burgers with diffrent toppings.

-Just cut your tortilla in circle and place in muffin cup at the base.

-Apply tomato puree and top it with onions,capsicum.

-I added bread crumbles and poured beaten egg for 1 set of burgers and for other set i made circle breads which i dipped in beaten egg and placed on the topping.

-Adding toppings and garnishing is up to your choice. you can use anything.

-Finally added lettuce, spices and grated cheese and closed the mini burgers with other tortilla.

Step 3: Baking:

-Bake your mini egg burgers and cups at 200 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes and serve hot.

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