Mini Face Blower and Egg Beater

Introduction: Mini Face Blower and Egg Beater

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Looking for an easy thing to do? this one serves right for you.

This is an improvised device made from recyclable materials. It doesn't cost much money and time. Less price less difficulty.


  • Plastic bottle
  • Hobby motor
  • Solid wire or Stranded wire
  • 1.5 battery (optional in number)
  • lead
  • nail


  • a pair of scissors
  • cutter
  • electric tape
  • soldering iron


  • Make sure that you are under the supervision of an adult while doing this
  • Presence of sharp materials, if your a minor consult an adult for help
  • Safety must observed

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Step 1: Prepare the Materials

  • Preparing the right the materials will be a great help
  • Every material is essential for the project to succeed

Step 2: Cut the Plastic Bottle

  • Cut the head of the plastic bottle with a cutter
  • Cut it according to what you want
  • Take note that you must cut the part were the bottle cap is located

Step 3: Cut the Removed Part of the Plastic Bottle

  • use a pair of scissors in this step
  • cut the removed part into four (4) equal parts

Step 4: Make a Little Hole

  • Remove the bottle cap
  • Use a nail for the hole
  • Make hole that will fit on the shaft of the hobby motor

Step 5: The Blower

  • flip the cut parts (the four equal parts)
  • you'll notice that it is like a flower
  • flip the end parts so it will face forward

Step 6: Put the Hobby Motor

  • Put the shaft of the hobby motor on the hole you made on the bottle cap
  • Use a glue gun for strong hold

Step 7: Wiring

  • Cut two pieces of wire. the length is up to you
  • Connect one wire to the positive end of the hobby motor and the other to the negative
  • Use soldering iron and lead if you want to fix it on place

Step 8: It Is Working!

  • Put the connected wires on the hobby motor on the appopriate side of a 1.5 volt battery
  • notice it and it will turn
  • put a switch as finishing touch (optional)

Step 9: Egg Beater

  • just flip the four parts to its original form
  • when it turns, it will serve as an egg beater

Step 10: Present

  • I'm sure it works! congratulations! you now have it
  • Our very own. Mini Face blower and Egg beater :)

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