Mini Fire Extinguisher

Introduction: Mini Fire Extinguisher

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This is a beginner project where you can make a Mini fire extinguisher.

All you will need is a small tin with a lid, a metal hole punch, a small plastic bag, baking soda, vinegar, masking tape and scissors!

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Step 1: Creating the Baking Soda Pouch

To make the pouch:

  1. Take the small plastic bag and cut a square from one corner, so that it will fit in your tin. You should now have a square with two closed edges and two open ones. (image 1, 2 and 3)
  2. Cut a small length of dental floss, equal to three times the length of your bag.(image 4)
  3. Place a piece of masking tape, sticky side up, on the table and then place one of the open edges of your bag along the middle of the tape and then place the dental floss on it, as shown in image 5.
  4. Fold the other half of the tape over the floss and back onto the bag (image 6).
  5. Cut off the excess tape. (image 7)

Step 2: Filling the Baking Soda Pouch

This is by far the easiest step.

To fill the baking soda pouch:

  1. Find your baking soda
  2. Fill up the little baggy you made.
  3. Tape the open end closed.
  4. Cut off excess tape.

Its that easy ;)

Step 3: Pop Some Holes in Your Lid!

The fun part!

Grab your metal hole punch, and pop two holes in the lid - a big one and a small one.

Step 4: Tape in the Pouch

Tape the pouch into the tin so that it feels solid, keeping the edge with the dental floss perpendicular to the base of the tin. Make sure you don't put any tape on the dental floss, as it will make it hard to pull.

Step 5: Fill Er Up!

Simple enough. Fill your tin with vinegar so that it is approximately 2cm from the top.

Thread the dental floss through the small hole in the lid and put the lid on. Place a piece of tape over the big hole, folding over the end of the tape to give you something to grip onto when you need to pull it off (this will also help slow down vinegar evaporation).

Step 6: Put Out a Little Fire.

Pull the dental floss to release the baking soda, shake the tin to mix it up, take aim and rip off the tape to release the foamy mixture to put out the fire.

Bravo! go fight fire!

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