Mini Fire Starting Tin

Introduction: Mini Fire Starting Tin

This is a small tin which was once a mint tin.

What I did was sand the paint off. It is loaded with a few items which could aid you in fire making, a key element in survival. It is 2 1/2 in wide, 2 in long and 3/4 in high. It could easily fit in a small coin pocket on a pair of jeans.

Step 1: Find a Small Tin

This tin was a small mint tin made my an advertiser given out at a convention. After sanding I filled it with the fire starting items.

Step 2: Attach a Striker to the Lid

Pretty straight forward, attach your striker to the lid with electrical/duct tape.

Step 3: Fill Your Tin With the Stuff

Here is the stuff in my mini fire kit

1. Cotton ball w/ vaseline
2. Book of paper matches with striker (spare striker)
3. Small piece of a cotton pad soaked in wax, burns for nearly 6 minutes
4. Razor blade in the bottom, you never know when you will need a blade
5. 28 extra paper matches
6. Bandaid (Had extra room, though you can put whatever you'd like in here instead.)
7. Striker
8. Tin

Step 4: Bring It With You, Start a Fire

In order to waterproof it, wrap duct tape around the lip of the tin. Also, you could wrap a thick rubber band around the lip, like the kind that come around asparagus. I always have a small ferro rod and knife on me too, and the cotton ball and firestarter can be started with the ferro rod.

I hope you enjoyed this, it was my first instructable. It is pretty basic, but I'm hoping it helped someone! Feedback in comments? Thanks

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