Mini Flag Holder



About: I teach technology to 3rd-5th graders at White Oak Intermediate School and run the Ready Bodies, Learning Minds motor lab for K-2nd graders at White Oak Primary

During STAAR testing, teachers place these small flags on the outside doorframe to signal the hall monitor they need a break.

Step 1: Make Your Flag

To make the flag, take a strip of duct tape and attach a plastic coffee stirrer to one end. Fold the remaining length in half and bring the sticky sides together. We used bright pink so it would be clearly visible. A strip of 10 to 12 inches should be sufficient.

Step 2: Create the Holder in Tinkercad

The holder was created in Tinkercad using the cylinder tool. The bottom cylinder is 30 mm in diameter and 4 mm in depth. The top cylinder is 7 mm in diameter with a 5 mm hole through the center. It is 50 mm tall. It is placed on the base at a 30 degree angle.

Step 3: Print the Holders

The holders were printed on a MakerBot 5th generation Replicator, 3 at a time. Attach a magnet to the underside of the base so that it will stick to the metal door frame.



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