Wooden Mini Flag Pole Gifts

Introduction: Wooden Mini Flag Pole Gifts

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I made these and you can too!


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Step 1: Rough Cut

I rough cut wood to size so that it would fit on a circle jig I made.

Step 2: Cut Some Circles

This can be done free hand if you need to. I built a simple jig that is simply a piece of wood with a nail where center of the circle should be. I just rotated the wood and let the scroll saw cut out an almost perfect circle

Step 3: Bevel Your Edges and Sanding

I used a router bit with a bearing to give the edge of the wood a nice bevel. I also sanded with 220 to get the edge smooth to the touch

Step 4: Glue the Base Together

I glued the base together and put a clamp on it. After the glue cured, I used a spade bit to create a cavity for the 3/4" dowl. I used glue for the dowel to the base and the round top to the dowel. I purchased the round top at the hardware store. I made a custom jig with a large hole in it to keep the round top in place while the glue cured.

Step 5: Apply a Sealer for the Wood

I used wipe on poly to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Dab a little water on the wood and it will give you a decent idea of what the wood will look like with poly on it. If the color isn't what you want, this would be the time to stain the wood. I used two coats of wipe on poly and I was happy with the results.

Step 6: Making the Flag

I used canvas cut down to 6" x 2". This gives me the 3:2 ratio for the Texas state flag. I used Super 77 spray adhesive to glue the canvas to itself around the string. Unfortunately the bond was weak around the string so I used links from a chain to reinforce the canvas around the string. Might as well do it right

Step 7: Paint Your Flag

I am from Texas so naturally this is what I painted. Be creative and pick whatever strikes your fancy. Make up a country! I heard Curtown has a beautiful flag. Use painters tape for crisp lines or freehand depending on your hand skills.

Step 8: Hardware Hardware Hardware

I drilled small pilot holes for the eye hooks. I used a hemostat clamp to hold the string together while I crimped the cut off chain links. Just dig around your junk drawer and find whatever will hold the string together. Tie a knot if you can't find anything.

Step 9: Marvel at Your Creation and Enjoy!

This is a great gift to put on a bookshelf or desk. It is a novel little toy that will last a long time.

Leave feedback and let me know what you would like to see more of in future videos

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