Mini Fog Maker

This is a mini fog maker that I saw on a website and thought I could improve.

Tools you will need:

a Philips screw driver

a Hot glue gun


a Sharpie

and a knife.

Things you will need:

a Coffee tin

dead 9v Battery

new 9v Battery

Dry ice

and a old computer.


Step 1: Find a Old Desktop.

Open up the computer and find the fan,

unscrew it with your philips and free it from the computer.

Step 2: Find the - & +

Cut the end off of the wire and pull the rubber off the wire close to the end.

Then find out which wire is - & + by setting a wire on the + of the battery and a different wire on the -. Hint(The black is always -)

Then cut the other wires off.

Step 3: Coffee Tin

Grab your Coffee tin and pull the lid off.

Then set your fan on the lid and trace it with your sharpie.

Cut the hole a bit smaller than you traced and hot glue your fan pointed down.

Step 4: Old Battery

Cut the case off of your OLD battery and rip the plugs off.

Take the negative wire and hot glue it to the positive lead,

and vise-versa.

Step 5: Put Something Round O

Put something round on it and cut it with a knife.

Step 6: Water & Dry Ice

Put a cup of hot water in it and some dry ice,

then turn it on and enjoy!



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Nice Project! simplicity is good at certain times, this is one of them.