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Introduction: Mini Foldable Lego Crossbow

The crossbow definitely has room for improvement, but I wanted to post something on my first day as a member. I made this while attempting to find a way to create a Phantom Blade, so it may not last long. It may be infuriating, but it serves its purpose. I know that this is all showing as one step, but I did it like this because it isn't complicated. Please comment down below; how it has gone for you, if you have improved it, any tips you have, etc. PS-I know this is long, but I also know the pieces have teeth marks-lets just say that I have been using these for years, and I didn't get the brick separating tool until recently.



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    Interesting concept....I'm planning on doing a Lego Hidden/Phantom Blade myself, so its nice to see a different approach to it...

    You should check out this Youtube video tho for inspiration...if you care to check it out:

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    I just saw the video, and I must say it looks really good! My main issue is that I don't have the right old Bionicle blades for the pieces of the crossbow-I've seen many desgins using them. I'll probably be able to use the video for the mechanism, so I am grateful!

    No problem, and for older Lego pieces you can try the site Bricklink where people sell Lego parts, but you'll have to shop around and understand how the ordering process works before making a purchase

    Yeah...I just took a knife to an old Bionicle blade. It was what I needed, but had this excess piece. Now it's perfect! Yay for knives!

    lol glad that worked out for you

    I am currently using the app, but I will make sure to check the link tomorrow. I myself found one by an Asian person, which, I must say, is bad@$$.

    Thanks, as mentioned, I made it as a prototype design for my take on a Phantom blade, so it isn't the best. I did manage to make my Phntom Blade, and will be posting it soon. It is, more or less, a hidden blade with a foldable crossbow on the bottom...still needs work