Mini Folder Made With Old Xbox 360 Game Cases.

Introduction: Mini Folder Made With Old Xbox 360 Game Cases.

Do you still store all that old Xbox 360 game cases and you don´t know what to do with them?, maybe you could throw them away or you could just keep storing them in your house OR you could upcycling them into one of this fabulous mini folders!

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Step 1: Remove Every Useless Part of the Case.

Depending on what do you what to do with your mini folder you need to remove every piece of the case that don´t need. In my situation, i love collect yu gi oh game cards and the little hooks inside the game case are usefull for me, but you can feel free to cut anything useless for you.

Step 2: Cover All the Holes.

After removing some parts, it is possible that the game case has some holes that are inconvenient, my advice is to cover them with a thin sheet of any plastic material like styrene.

Step 3: Joining All the Game Cases.

This is an optional step, for this step you are free to join them however you like, my suggestion is paste them by the external faces, like an accordion.

Step 4: Painting and Decorating.

The last step is just painting and decorating your mini folder however you like! Enjoy it!

Step 5: Your Mini Folder Is Ready!!!

I hope you enjoyed upcycling your own mini folder with your old xbox game cases.

Have fun upcycling!

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    Fun idea for how to reuse game boxes. I have a lot of these kicking around that I have been trying to think of a use for. Thanks for sharing.