Mini Foundary




Introduction: Mini Foundary

Here is a quick guide to help you make a mini metal foundary used to melt aluminum.

Step 1: Purchase Materials

Play Sand

Plaster of Paris

Mixing Bucket

10 Quart Steel Bucket

2.5 Quart Plastic Bucket

1 Inch Pvc

Blow Dryer

Fire Extuingisher

Measuring Cup

2 4 inch U bolts

1 x 12 Steel Pipe

Step 2: Mix Plaster

To a mixing bucket add:

21 Cups of Sand

21 Cups of Plaster of Paris

15 Cups of Water.

Once the water is added, make sure to mix well for about 4 minutes or until all the lumps are out.

Step 3: Transfer Plaster to Steel Bucket

Once the plaster is mixed properly, transfer it to the steel bucket. Make sure to minimize splashing. Take the 2.5 quart plastic bucket and slowly press it into the middle of the steel bucket and hold it down until the plaster hardens. CClean and shape the plaster to all is even on top.

Step 4: Create a Crucible

Take a old or empty fire extingusher and cut in half, this will be the crucible you use to melt the aluminum.

Step 5: Create Air Supply

We will be using 1 inch steel tubing so a 1-3/8 inch hole saw would be perfect size to cut. Cut straight into the bucket, once you saw through the metal, burrow down at about a 30 degree angle so your hole is a couple inches ofrom the bottom of the bucket.

Attach your 1 x 12 steel pipe and 1 inch pvc coupling to your 1 inch pvc pipe.

Duck Tape Air dryer to pvc pipe and you are good to go for your air supply.

Step 6: Create Lid

Create plaster mixture of :

10 cups sand

10 cups plaster

7 cups water

- Mix well and insert both 4 inch U bolts.

- let harden in bucket for about 2 hours.

- After 2 hours, pop out the lid and drill a vent hole with a 3 inch hole cutting saw

Step 7: Assemble

Assemble all the parts and add charcoal and you are ready to fire it up!

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    would be best to use Stainless Steel, could just weld a plate to a piece of tubing.


    4 years ago

    some fire extinguishers are steel, but some are aluminum.