Mini Fume Extractor

I followed KipKay's video on how to make a mini fume extractor but made it better.

Step 1: Things You Need.

The things you will need are:
*12 volt computer fan
*carbon filter sponge
*small switch
*some sort of dc power. Try using 12 volts (13 and 14 will be good too but might be risky)
*heat shrink tubing
*soldering iron
*and something to house all these stuff in

Step 2: Adding Connections

1. connect the positive from the fan to the positive on the dc power
2. connect the negative from the fan to the negative on the dc power
3. connect the positive of the dc power to the positive on the switch
4. connect the negative of the dc power to the negative on the switch
5. solder all of these connections
6. Make sure you add heat shrink tubing before you solder

Step 3: Adding the Carbon Filter

*adding the carbon filter is just simply adding tape and taping it onto the sides so it doesn't fall down.
You can attach the filter any way you want. Just remember to avoid the wires.

Step 4: Finalize It

Your done. just close the it all up and make sure you tape the wires down.



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